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This website and its owners take user privacy seriously, and have ensured that all available protects of privacy for its users are implemented. This website complies to all UK national laws and requirements for user privacy.

Any user who digitally communicated with this website and/or its owners does so at their own discretion. If they provide personal details, whether requested or not, they do so at their own risk. However, any personal or organisational information entering or retained by this website is not used for anything other than the aims of the website in benefitting its community with knowledge. No other use of made of personal or organisational information, and it is not handed to any third party or even other related academic bodies in the University. All information and data is kept private and stored securely, until as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998, it will be destroyed. All efforts will be continually made to ensure that this website is safe and secure for all forms of information (contacts, blogs, unloads, announcements, submissions, etc.). The information stored on this website will be used by the operatives of this website, who are often students of the University. They are briefed and operate supervised, within a code of conduct, and cannot append any device or their own information storage facility. Regular checks on operative conduct are made and recorded. The information is used to identify its users, and to contact or provide them with material or other information relevant to their express interests in the subject and aims of the project.

External Links: this website will provide information on other related projects and organisations, and will often do so through external links. Users of this website are advised to adopt a policy of caution before activating an external link. This Journal website cannot guarantee that the content of all provided external links are in the explicit interests of its users, or will not at times be entirely beneficial or safe. This website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications generated by unsafe links. However, all links are subject to routine checking for live functionality, authenticity and safety.

Adverts and Sponsored External Links: this website may contain sponsored links and advertisements. If such links are commercial in nature, they are only ever serving the aims of the Journal and its broader projects of research and development support. Commercial trade may be beneficial, but will never be used for profit. Advertising agents or partners may indeed be seeking profit, but this will be made clear to users, and their offers will be inspected by the editorial management of the Journal prior to appearing.

Social Media Platforms: various communications, actions and engagements undertaken through external social media platforms used by this website and its owners, are based on the same terms and conditions of use and privacy policies stated here. Users are advised to use such social media platforms with discretion, as the website and its owners cannot in any way be responsible for the implications or effects of the social media activity of its users. Users must understand that an engagement with social media platforms through this website might result in the social media platform obtaining personal data and information on the user. This website cannot police this activity, as much of this is internal to the technology of internet and social media. Furthermore, this website or its owners will never request personal or particular information through any social media platform — other than validated sources of communication (such as institutional e-mail).

This website may also use social sharing facilities — buttons that activate a sharing of web content directly from web pages to social media platforms. Users must understand that using such social sharing buttons is at their own risk, and the social media platform in question may retain data from this activity and track your further activity.

Shortened Links for Social Media platforms and devices: this website and its owners may often use their own individual or corporate social media platform accounts to chare content (such as disseminate the content of an abstract, or argument, or may share web links to relevant web pages). By default, some social media platforms can shorten lengthy URLs or even titles given to published research material. Users must take caution before activating shortened URLs, as these are often exploited and link to other, non-relevant or alien, website or media platforms. Social media platforms are prone to spam and hacking: this website and its owners will not be liable for any any damage or adverse implications generated by activating shortened links, or mistaken or bogus imitations of shortened links.

Cookies: This website may use a number of different cookies, and as with most websites, by using the site you are agreeing to this policy and the way the website uses cookies in accordance with its terms. A cookie is a small text document, uniquely identified, passed from one computer to another via a permission that is often automatically discharged by the computer. The cookie is stored on the hard drive to aid the current and future functionality of the website that provided them. For more information, consult

This website will only use cookies for the better function of the site, and delivery of your requested material and your ease of use. You can, of course, change the privacy settings of your browser to refuse our cookies, or indeed browse the site using an incognito setting (such as ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox and Safari). However, blocking cookies may prevent you from using or even seeing some content. And as with our advice on your use of third party social media platforms above, cookies may transfer from third party sites. All of our cookies – first party cookies – are regulated and checked for safety.

Google Analytics: we use Google Analytics to collect information about visitor behaviour. This is for our development of our site. Google Analytics will survey, store and represent data derived from your navigation, browsing activity, origin and destination, all collated via a JavaScript tag in the pages of our site. It does not interconnect with personally identifiable information on you. This website does not collate or store personal information (such as your name and address) using Google Analytics. We may also implement Google Analytics features with advertising information for Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting. Google’s own privacy policy can be found Google’s Privacy Policy.

If you want to opt out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising, to prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics, please go to the Google Analytics opt-out page.