BLOG: A Sample Blog Entry

In our second blog about working with Talking Birds Theatre to disseminate our research on the impact of solitary confinement and its relationship to mental breakdown we consider staging, locations, logistics, and the dreaded ‘what shall we call the piece’ discussion!

We’re delighted to hear that writer and director Peter McCann is available to work with us once again – his work is fantastic and he has a great feel for the historical material. We thoroughly enjoyed our previous two productions with him and this will ensure that we maintain the Trilogy feel.

Juggling dates hasn’t been easy – we need suitable performance venues to be available, actors to be able to rehearse and perform in all locations, and then we are trying to fit in our own availability so we can run the post-show panel discussions. After shuffling around other obligations, we think we have finally agreed the dates. We just need to double check everything before we can announce them.